Created at : Sep 9, 2014

It’s safe to say that all businesses, no matter what product they offer or service they provide, have the same overall goal: to offer quality to their customers while staying cost-effective.

With this overall goal in mind, companies of all sizes, whether they have been in business for decades or are just getting started, are often faced with the question of whether or not to outsource production. The fact is, the majority of successful companies these days have found that outsourcing to a reputable contract turn-key manufacturer simply makes the most sense. From Apple to Boeing, and myriad small manufacturers in between, they’ve relied on the services of their contract turn-key partners.

Why Use a Contract Turn-Key Manufacturer

Simply put, there are so many ways it just makes sense. First and foremost, your goal is to keep costs and inventory down. If you were to perform all design, engineering, and fabricating services on-location, your costs—labor, supplies, equipment, etc.—could go through the roof. You’re spreading yourself too thin.

Secondly, you might know everything there is to know about your industry, but do you know everything about fabricating each individual part necessary to make every product? By using an experienced contract manufacturer, you get their expertise, the expertise they’ve honed and perfected over years or decades.

What other advantages will you see?

  • Faster time to market – Your contract manufacturer knows how to get it done right and quickly, with no mistakes or downtime
  • Quality Assurance – Their services are backed by a mature, proven quality assurance program
  • Product Replication – They’ve performed these services countless times, and know how to assure repeatability
  • Decreased investment – You eliminate all costs associated with equipment, tooling, R&D, and testing
  • Supplier Relationships – Your contract manufacturer has spent years building up relationships with suppliers of materials and equipment, which means they can get things faster and at lower costs

At the end of the day, you eliminate so many costs and headaches by contracting out your manufacturing needs to a turn-key partner. You can focus on what’s important to you.

Choosing a Turn-Key Contract Manufacturer

Look for a contract partner who has proven experience in the services you need. Also look for consistent on-time delivery, certificates of compliance, and excellent service and support.

It’s also highly recommended to choose a domestic outsourcing partner. Due to supply chain disruptions and problems, higher overseas labor costs, inconsistency, and so many other factors, American companies of all sizes are now returning their business to American soil, realizing that overseas outsourcing no longer makes sense.

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