Created at : Jun 11, 2015

Since the dawn of the industrial age, manufacturing has been the driving force behind America’s success. It’s been the very backbone of our economy, the catalyst for technology and innovation, and the way countless Americans fulfilled the American dream. From the largest factories and players to the small manufacturer operating off of Main Street, USA, manufacturing is as much a part of this country as baseball and apple pie.

For the past few decades, it saw some big setbacks. Outsourcing hurt many small and large manufacturers, and, as a result, our economy suffered, and so did the quality of products being sold. But now it’s back and opportunities abound.

One example of many? Tesla’s recent acquisition of a small tool and die manufacturer in West Michigan. Like many of our manufacturing friends, peers, and colleagues, Riviera Tool is an American factory that employs 100 people and works hard to stay competitive. They build metal parts for the production of automotives, and until recently, they were just another small American success story. But recently, they hit the industry jackpot and became a huge success story when Tesla—singlehandedly the future of electric vehicles—decided to buy them.

As of now, Tesla plans to keep Riviera Tool’s 100 employees, and it’s safe to assume that they’ll employ many more Michigan residents in the near future. What does this mean for the overall American manufacturing industry? It’s an example of how businesses large and small are working together and helping each other, building more and better products while employing more people and pouring more money into the industry and the economy.

It’s also proof that the small manufacturer can get ahead, and can continue to successfully pursue the American dream. In this way, it’s an example of how the industry continues the drive and growth it was originally built on, and how there’s a lot to look forward to.