Created at : May 24, 2016

The National Safety Council’s (NSC) mission is safety at work, at home, and on the roads. In June, NSC and organizations across the country work to raise awareness of safety issues because staying safe isn’t an accident. 

Here at Red River we focus on safety daily, not just one month out of the year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were almost 3.2 million nonfatal workplace accidents by private industry employees in 2014. Keeping all of our employees safe is of prime importance. It’s a job we take very seriously. To do this we have safety measures in place and procedures employees must follow when working. The machining equipment and waterjet cutting machines can be dangerous if not used properly.

Safety measures for machine operators include simple procedures like wearing safety glasses at all times when on the shop floor. We also encourage that machine operators to not wear loose clothing, rings, watches, jewelry, or anything that can get caught in the machines. Sturdy shoes are also considered part of the proper attire.

For material handling personnel we require all forklift drivers to attend training classes on proper forklift procedures. Many accidents are caused by improper training of operators of forklift trucks. Because of our training requirements we have prevented many workplace accidents. We also work with our employees on proper lifting and ergonomic techniques to prevent back injuries.

Workplace cleanliness and organization also falls into the safety category. Putting tools back when finished and keeping walkways and workstations clear helps keep others from falling or getting hurt. Staying safe also means watching out for each other to prevent hazardous situations.

Workplace injuries are the leading cause of lost work time. But, lost work time is secondary to the value we place on keeping each employee out of harm’s way. Preventing accidents is the best way to stay safe and following set safety procedures is the best way to do that!