Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication: Tailored Solutions from Austin and Beyond

Created at : Mar 26, 2024

At Red River Precision, based in Austin, Texas, we offer a comprehensive range of custom sheet metal fabrication services to meet your unique needs.

Here's how we utilize our fabrication methods and specifications to fabricate a wide range of metal components:

  1. Bending: We can bend metal sheets using our press brake to achieve precise angles and shapes according to your specifications.
  2. Machining: Our machining capabilities, including CNC milling or turning, allow us to create intricate features or details on metal parts with precision.
  3. Cutting: We can cut metal sheets to size using methods like sawing (cold or hot), shearing, or punching.
  4. Forming: Beyond simple bending, we excel in shaping metal sheets into complex geometries or curves to meet your specific design requirements.
  5. Punching: Our punch press enables us to create holes, notches, or other features in metal sheets efficiently and accurately.
  6. Welding: We offer welding services, including MIG and TIG welding, to join metal components securely.
  7. Counterboring and Countersinking: Our machining operations prepare metal parts for fasteners or other components as needed.
  8. Tapping: We can cut threads into metal sheets to accommodate screws, bolts, or other threaded fasteners.

Regarding material specifications:

  • Material Thickness: We can work with a maximum thickness of 10 gauge for mild steel, 14 gauge for stainless steel, and 3/16 inch for aluminum using our punch press. For shearing, the maximum thickness is ¼ inch for mild steel.
  • Material Types: We are capable of working with a wide range of materials, including alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, hastelloy, inconel, molybdenum, monel, stainless steel, steel, titanium, and tungsten carbide.
  • Size and Weight: Our punch press can handle lengths up to 48+ inches for mild steel, and for shearing, it's 10 feet. Our press brake capabilities allow for lengths up to 12 feet. The maximum width for punch press is 40 inches, and we can handle weights up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Tolerance: We maintain tight tolerances with an accuracy of ±0.005 inches to ensure precision in every part we fabricate.
  • Tonnage: Our press brake can exert a maximum tonnage of 125 tons, enabling us to fabricate thicker and stronger metal components.

While our primary service area is Austin, Texas, we can also serve the entire nation. With these capabilities, we can fulfill a diverse range of custom sheet metal fabrication needs for various industries and applications, providing you with high-quality, precise, and tailored solutions to your requirements. Whether you need custom sheet metal fabrication in Austin or elsewhere, we've got you covered.