Created at : Nov 18, 2015

Small Is The New Big” is the title of one of business guru and best-selling author Seth Godin’s books. In fact, in the book, Godin writes, “Small is the new big. Recent changes in the way that things are made and talked about mean that big is no longer an advantage. In fact, it’s the opposite…” Godin goes on to say that your customers have more power now and “treating them like they don’t matter doesn’t work.”
That’s one of the main advantages of working with a small business like Red River Precision: You get more personalized service. You matter. And there are other advantages, too, like having the opportunity to easily make changes and customize a product or service when you work with a small business, like us.

At Red River Precision Manufacturing, we are proud to be a small business providing sheet metal fabrication from our 12,500-square-foot facility in Texas. We pay attention to our customers. We build relationships and get to know our customers’ needs, and we provide the best solutions that fit each customer’s budget, whether that budget or the project itself, is big or small.

We’ve made it our company’s mission to provide our customers with high-quality American-made products, On-time, and on-budget, from prototypes to short runs and volume production. We may be a small business, but we do provide big advantages — and even bigger value — to every one of our customers. And we plan on doing the same for many more years to come. We invite you to experience these advantages by working with us in 2016 and beyond, and we hope to hear from you soon!