Manufacturing Day & Red River Precisions

The first Friday of every October is celebrated as Manufacturing Day. It is an endeavor that attempts to present the modern face of manufacturing to the next generation of students and:

Drive home the importance of this activity to the prosperity of the nation.

Show them exactly how financially lucrative, respectable, rewarding and advanced a career in manufacturing and production can be.

This is accomplished through educational events, factory and plant tours and open question-answer sessions with industry influencers who not only orient the students but also their parents so that choosing manufacturing emerges as a viable alternative for many.

Red River Precision Manufacturing Inc. is an industry leader where providing manufacturing critical services like shearing, punching, water-jetting, drilling and forming are concerned.

During Manufacturing Day reflect about the past and welcome the future of manufacturing. We encourage any interested young students pursuing manufacturing to go for it.

Red River Precision is proud to carry the baton in favor of a bright future of manufacturing in the US. To know more about Manufacturing Day and how people are celebrating around the country visit.